The Toronto Tango Experience (TTX)

Artists, DJ's for TTX 2017

Carlitos Espinoza y Noelia Hurtado (Buenos Aires) are today one the most famous and favorite couples among tangueros all over the world! They are the forefront of a worldwide trend to return tango to its roots, the feeling of two bodies moving together in perfect harmony, expressing the music with their partner. They inspire countless dancers and teachers by taking tango back to its essence where feeling, connection, and musicality means everything.
They have an unmistakable personal style that celebrates close embrace and elegance with energetic dynamics that will take your breath away. Their dynamics and musicality, the transfer of the music into the movements of the body, turn their dance into an sublime sensual experience. Carlitos is the master of musicality, and Noelia can be considered the most influential female dancer of the generation with large crowds of followers all over the world. This is what tango should be. Watch their VIDEOS

Edwin Espinosa & Alexa Yepes. Alexa began dancing in 1998. At the age of 17, she decided to dedicate her career to Tango. Edwin began dancing in 2005. In 2011, he met Alexa and they decided build a partnership together. Since then they have been crowned Vice World champion of Tango Salon in Buenos Aires in 2014 and World champion Milonguero in 2013 in Buenos Aires. Edwin and Alexa are recognized by, their elegance, their connection and by their musical interpretation. Watch their VIDEOS

Alberto Ramos & Micaela Barrett are the founders of the Cleveland Tango School. Based out of New York and the Caribbean before moving to Cleveland, Alberto and Micaela have taught at the Hunter College Tango Club, Oberlin University, New York's You Should Be Dancing studios and the Piel Canela Dance Company. In Puerto Rico they taught alongside the teachers and performers of Y Entonces - Tango. Micaela's tango is also strongly influenced by her work with T'ai Chi, Feldenkreis, Yoga, and a variety of artistic practices. Their dance is known for its musicality and playfulness. Alberto & Micaela will be teaching the beginners classes at the Toronto Tango Experience. Watch their VIDEOS

If you thought the dancing of Carlitos Espinoza was great, wait until you hear Carlitos Espinoza the DJ. The same love for music that you see in his dancing, Carlitos brings to his DJing. Carlios does not often have the time to DJ, but when he does it is an amazing treat.

Analia 'La Rubia' (Argentinia) is coming to Torontp directly from Moscow where she will be DJing. We are very lucky to catch her in her busy shedule. She is considered by many as one of the best DJs in the world. The proof is that she is consistantly the featured Saturday night DJ in the biggest festivals all over the world. Dancers have danced to her music in more than 100 cities, in 38 countries. La Rubia plays for the emotion of the dancers but also with deep respect for the history of tango and its orchestras. She makes you dance with your soul. Her knowledge and intimate relationship with the music enabled her to develop a personal style, a unique sound, that is 'puro tango argentino'.

She is the product of the deep exploration, study and love for Tango. Analai will share this knowledge of tango and its orchestars by giving her famous lecture 'Tango History for Tango Lovers & Djs' on Friday August 26th. This lecture has received enthusiastic receptions all over Europe every time she gives it. It is open to all lovers of tango.

Max Stasi (Italy) is coming to Toronto from Milan. Max regularly DJ's in festivals and milongas around the world including Berlin NouTango, Hamburg 'TangoJam', Mattstedt Tango Marathon, Mannheim 'Maratango', San Francisco 'El Abrazo', New York 'TangoCafe' and Switzerland 'Amitango'. The backbone of his work is the music of the Golden age, with frequent detours towards the orchestras of the Guardia Vieja and of the 1950s.

Manuel Soto (Montreal), co-founder of Las Piernas Tango School in Montreal, has a long love story with tango. He discovered tango music in 1978 from his main source of inspiration: his tanguero grandfather Angel. Manuel started to DJ in 2006, when he understood that the connection that is so magical between two people on the dance floor can be as inspiring and powerful between a DJ and the dancers. Since then, this peruvian tango lover has played his inspired music in countless milongas, marathons and festivals around North America, but no matter where or what type of event, Manuel always brings his own personal touch and burning passion for tango to his DJing.

Kimberly Scola (USA) came into the tango world as a salsa dancer and quickly fell in love with tango. Very soon after that, she began to be interested in the music itself and she soon started working as an active tango DJ. When an invitation to DJ an alternative milonga came to her she began working on building a successful library of Nuevo and Alternative music. Kim's style is mainly about creating a positive environment that builds and sustains the energy on the dance floor. She likes to express her own personality with her very carefully chosen tandas, and she loves connecting with other dancers through her music. We are lucky to have her as the DJ for the downstairs alternative music room at TTX on Saturday.

Bernice Gonsen (Toronto). Since 2007, Berenice has been inspiring dancers at milongas in Toronto and beyond. A long-time fan of tango music, her vast knowledge, intuitive approach and careful selections combine to create unforgettable dance experiences that keep her in high demand. DJ Bere is also a highly accomplished tango dancer who understands her audience; she is able to read a floor and keep it moving. Considered one of the best DJs in Canada, she is in constant demand at both new and established milongas in Toronto & Montreal, and has acted as house DJ for various local milongas in Toronto and has DJ'ed at high profile events, including the Toronto Tango Festival & Toronto Tango Experience.

Igor "El Espejero" loves to play traditional tango music, drawn from the core of the Golden Age repertoire, with occasional sparkles of Guardia Vieja, post-50s, and some XXI century orquestas. He believes that it is the dance floor that dictates the choices to the DJ, not other way around. His only goal is to deliver the best danceable music and abundant energy to the floor, from the first to the last tanda.

Ekaterina Klepikova likes to bring together the many aspects of tango, the lyrical and the rhythmic, the playful and the passionate, the bold and the subtle. Her choices are influenced and often dictated by the dancers, and the dance floor and her goal is to create a consistent, smooth flow of energy throughout the night. She has DJ'd at many tango festivals, marathons, and regular milongas in Montreal, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Boston, Ann Arbor, Cleveland, Moscow, and Prague.

Gregory "Grisha" Nisnevich (USA) began his music career in St. Petersburg, Russia in classical guitar. Then in 2001 he fell in love with Argentine tango and its music. As a maestro classical guitar player Grisha strives to share his knowledge of tango with dancers and musicians. He often travels in North America and Europe, teaching and sharing this original, unique material. He will be presenting his famous interactive tango musicality class on Saturday called "The Structure of Tango Music" Class/Lecture-Live with guitar.

Dr. Moshe Shulman (Russia/Israel/USA) has a PhD in Music from University at Buffalo. "Three to Tango - Basic Music Theory for Tango Dancers" is a unique and helpful guide for dancers that wish to improve their dancing by expanding their knowledge of rhythm and how to apply it to dance moves. Through various approaches, he has created multiple exercises for practice that facilitate this understanding. Dr. Shulman's method is accessible for all levels of dancers, with or without any previous musicality study. He will be giving this interactive session about tango music on Sunday at 8pm.