Avik Basu [Ann Arbor, USA]

Avik began his tango journey in 2002 and has since become a highly sought after DJ on the North American Tango Festival circuit. Avik is influenced primarily by the music and atmosphere of the milongas in Buenos Aires. He is able to seamlessly weave an evening of music based on not only on the Golden Age classics but also occasionally pushing the boundaries and offering dancers the chance to explore some of the tremendous range of emotions that tango expresses.

Some of Avik's notable tango adventures include a two month-long immersions in Buenos Aires where he was an invited DJ at the famous Salon Canning, teaching tango to a Bollywood actress in Mumbai, India, and touring the U.S. with tango band Trio Folias.

Manuel Soto [Montreal]

Manuel Soto (Montreal), co-founder of Las Piernas Tango School in Montreal, has a long love story with tango. He discovered tango music in 1978 from his main source of inspiration: his tanguero grandfather Angel. Manuel started to DJ in 2006, when he understood that the connection that is so magical between two people on the dance floor can be as inspiring and powerful between a DJ and the dancers. Since then, this peruvian tango lover has played his inspired music in countless milongas, marathons and festivals around North America, but no matter where or what type of event, Manuel always brings his own personal touch and burning passion for tango to his DJing. In addition to DJing tradional tango music at TTX, Manual will be the DJ for the downstairs alternative music room on Saturday.

Berenice Gonsen [Toronto]

Berenice has been inspiring dancers at milongas in Toronto and beyond for many years, with many loyal fans who love her music. A long-time student of tango music, her vast knowledge, intuitive approach and careful selections were combined to create unforgettable tandas that kept her in high demand in many international Tango Festivals .
'DJ Bere' has officially retired, but she has agreed to come out of retirement for the Toronto Tango Experience. So if you have missed Berenice's wonderful music this may be your only chance to listen (and dance) to her music one more time.

Jason Jiang [Canada]

Jason is passionate about tango music, offering a wide range of music to generate the most rewarding and inspiring experience for social dancers

He has been guest deejaying at many festivals and milongas in Asia, America, Europe and Buenos Aires such as the Festival International de Tango de Sitges (Spain), Primavera Budapest Tango Marathon, Tango Maya Fest (Mexico), Taipei Tango Festival, Tokyo Tango Festival/Marathon, Beijing Tango Festival, Shanghai Tango Festival. He had been a guest DJ at some of the most traditional and prestigious milongas in Buenos Ares, among them, Lo de Celia, El Beso, Porteno y Bailarin, El Motivo, Los Bohemios, Fulgor, Si Sos Brujo, Club Pedro Echague and Parakultural Salon Canning.

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